"I'm not sure what plan I need for my business."

Get the financing you need for the job you do.

We offer financing customized to a variety of industry needs, including owner-operators and small businesses, fleets, vocational businesses and municipalities. Use the tabs below to figure out if your four dump trucks make you an owner-operator or small business, a fleet owner or a vocational customer. And then we'll guide you to the right financing for your business needs.

  • Owner-Operators

    Put simply, if you operate one or several vehicles and you have loan or lease balances totaling up to $750,000, you qualify as an owner-operator or small business. There are a some other considerations that may exclude your business from this category, however.

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  • Fleet

    If you're a fleet owner or manager, chances are you already know you need fleet financing. However, if you're a business owner that owns multiple trucks and you have loan or lease balances totaling more than $750,000, our fleet financing could be right for you, too.

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  • Vocational

    "If I operate 10 delivery vans, does that make me a vocational owner-operator or fleet owner?" Great question. Find out if your business qualifies for vocational financing.

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  • Municipalities

    Not sure if managing your city's fleet qualifies you as fleet owner or a municipality? For starters, it has less to do with the number of vehicles you operate, and more to do with how you operate them. There are other factors you should be aware of, too.

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